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UFED Touch2 Ultimate

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Available in both standard and ruggedized versions
Item Description Standard Kit Ruggedized Kit
UFED Touch2 Device
UFED Solid Protector Case
Tip & Cable Set
Tip & Cable Organizer
Power Supply
Standard Carrying Case
SIM ID Cloning Cards 3 5
Micro SIM ID Cloning Cards 3 5
Car Power Adaptor
UFED To Pc Cable
Phone Power Up Cable
USB Flash Drive – 8 GB
MicroSIM adapter
Current 5v To 6v Adapter
Cleaning Brush For Phone Connectors
Micro SIM Adapter
UFED Phone Charger
Ruggedized Carrying Case
UFED Forensic Memory Card Reader
Faraday Bag
Case Embedded Work Surface
UFED Touch2 Screen Cover
UFED External Hard Drive

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